Community Based Organization Development Center

Wel-being of marginalized people based on Food security and human rights including the women empowerment

Showyam Jagriti Samaj Back


Date of Established : 2056/09/26
Registration on : 439/ Kailali
Name of Chairperson : Shwodeshu Chaudhary
Contact No :
No of working Staff : 1
Working area :  Organization Capacity development, Poverty Recduction, Health and HIV/AIDS, Education, DRR, Advocacy,  Community Developmet, Literacy Class, 
Geographical area : Dhanagadi Municipality, Foolbari, Pabera, Gadariya
No of Group : 45
No of Group Member's : 769 HHs
No of Pear Educator Group : 45
Local Resource Person : 45 
No of Child Activist : 45
No Human Right Activist : 45
No of Women Right Activist : 45
Working experience : 17 Years work experiance on income genaration, Group Mobilization, Group Capacity Buildup. 8 years experiance on cooperative capacity buildup and management. Good experiance on mobilization community for riverbed farming and Banana farming. 

List of partnering organization : CBODC, LWF Nepal, LWR, HELVATAS, ILAM PLUS, WTLCP CIPRED, District Livestock Service Office


Community Based Organization Development Center
Godawari-8, Majgaun, Kailali
Provision no, 7, Nepal

Call : +977 - 91 - 506063 
Email : cbodckailali@yahoo.com
Website : www.cbodckailali.org.np 

Contact Person 1 :- Tek Bdr Saru Magar/9848461345

Contact Person 2 :- Gyanu Prasad Tiwari/9848593087



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