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Knowledge of Gyanu, Proud of Cooperative Back

Before 2012, most of the women of Kailali district were in a state of illiteracy, darkness of ignorance. There was a lack of confidence in the women and girls. Women who did not see the possibility of anything on them.  They were left out of the process of participating in family and social decisions by male. Women were economically, socially and educationally weak. Like other women, I was also limited and vulnerable as a housework.

in 2013, the CBO Development Center started the project at Sadeepani, Ramshikhara and Mohanyal in Kailali district. The empowerment class was conducted for marginalize women in the village. Various orientation and skill oriented training programs were conducted to enhance the capacity of women. It increased her confidence. In the formation of the group, the community gave him the responsibility of chairman. His goal was to improve the team's leadership as well as its livelihoods.

Various trainings, coordinated meetings, visits conducted by CBO Development Centers led to acquaintance with representatives of government and non-government. In this program, he was given the responsibility of the post of Cooperative Chairman, promoted by the CBO Development Center. His confidence grew as he continued to participate in various discussions and trainings of the institute. Leadership was gradually increasing. From the community level, he began to prove himself capable of leadership. She has been continuously serving as chairperson of her group as well as cooperative.  She is working now under the Vice President of District Committee of Oil crop Zone, Government Project. She is also working as a member of the Municipal committee. She say that community members were offering Valmansa to lead on community meeting.


She is being call into the discussion to resolve various issues in the group. Sharing her sweet experiences, she says - 'At that time as like others group of people, I did not know what our rights and participation, I am trying to be a voice for group members today.' Now, the example of Gyanu, Ghodagodi has been the topic of discussion in other municipal cooperatives, CBO Development Centers and all related organizations. So, Gyanu and her skill and participation is proud for Adarsha cooperative.


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